• SUNWIN BUS PARTS Nov 04, 2021
    S/N Model Part No. English Part Name 1 SUNWIN SWB321150029 Alternator Assy. 2 SUNWIN SWB353150050/ Lamp Assy. Rear - RH 3 SUNWIN SWB353150051 Lamp Assy. Rear - LH 4 SUNWIN SWB641250022-2 Switch - Turn Signal 5 SUNWIN 354150229 CARRIAGE LAMP 6 SUNWIN 364850004 FLASHER 7 SUNWIN 563050140 HAND BRAKE VALVE 8 SUNWIN 834150018 EMERGENCY VALVE 9 SUNWIN 834150019 EMERGENCY VALVE 10 SUNWIN 3289001 (8pk1611...
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  • Chinese van parts Taxi parts autobus escolar repuestos supply Apr 20, 2021
    Chinese vans are usually used as Passenger Van, Cargo Van, Taxi in Egypt and south africa, autobus escolar in south american countries.  There are many manufactures produce such vans , such as King Long, Golden Dragon, Foton, Jinbei, Baw , Joylong, Ruiyue, Ventura etc. we are very familiar with spare parts supply chain for these vans in china.  Our products including engine, gearbox, cha...
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    GOLDEN DRAGON BUS PARTS S/N Bus brand Part No. Description 1 GOLDEN DRAGON 3551ZD-010 front left brake adjusting arm 2 GOLDEN DRAGON 3551ZD-015 front right brake adjusting arm 3 GOLDEN DRAGON 3501XD26-041 front left brake cam 4 GOLDEN DRAGON 3501XD26-042 front right brake cam 5 GOLDEN DRAGON 3501N-034 frontbrake plate seal assy. 6 GOLDEN DRAGON 3501N-039 frontbrake plate bushing 7 GOLDEN DRAGON 41...
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    CUMMINS ENGINE PARTS LIST S/N Bus brand Part No. Description 1 CUMMINS 3939088 Adapter, Crankshaft 2 CUMMINS 3967275 Heater Intake Air Gasket Connection 3 CUMMINS 3945329 Bushing 4 CUMMINS 3948095 Liner, Cylinder 5 CUMMINS 3966035 Guide, Tappet 6 CUMMINS 3970810 Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap 7 CUMMINS 3970955 Cap, Main Bearing 8 CUMMINS 3971390 Block, Cylinder 9 CUMMINS 3959291 Nozzle, Piston Cooling...
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  • YUTONG BUS PARTS Dec 16, 2020
    YUTONG BUS PARTS Item Model Code Product description 1 YUTONG 8202-03964 Cunjunto left rearview mirror 2 YUTONG 8202-03965 Cunjunto right rear view mirror 3 YUTONG 6108-00641 Door cylinder (M.I) 4 YUTONG 6100-01943 Balance bar for rear outward swing door 5 YUTONG 5940-01115 Grill piston 6 YUTONG 5103-13140 Handicap elevator control 7 YUTONG 3708-00084 Reverse signal switch 8 YUTONG 3624-00034 Inte...
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  • HIGER BUS PARTS Dec 16, 2020
    HIGER BUS PARTS  S/N Bus brand Part No. Description 1 HIGER 67VA4-02001-PCT seat belt 2 HIGER 67N11-02508 seat belt 3 HIGER 37V11-73200-E rear combination light RH 4 HIGER 37V11-73100-E rear combination light LH 5 HIGER 37V11-11210-AMP front head light LH 6 HIGER 37V11-11110-AMP front head light RH 7 HIGER 37A07-32010-AMP front fog light 8 HIGER 37V11-31120-AMP front ceiling light 9 HIGER 37J...
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  • KING LONG BUS PARTS Dec 16, 2020
    KING LONG BUS PARTS S/N Bus brand Part No. Description 1 KING LONG 210200049 Belt pulley-crankshaft 2 KING LONG 211000004 safety filter 3 KING LONG 211000005 Main filter element 4 KING LONG 211200080 Fuel filter,fleetguard,F098-BS 5 KING LONG 213200030 Degassing one-way valve,SA-3525010 6 KING LONG 213300030 Fan assy,electro,electro,900 7 KING LONG 213400007 fan cover 8 KING LONG 213500190 Expansi...
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    SUNWIN BUS PARTS FOR DUBAI, U.A.E S/N Bus brand Part No. Description 1 SUNWIN 17*980LI (BX-40) BELT 2 SUNWIN 20*1675 BELT 3 SUNWIN 20*1140 BELT 4 SUNWIN 3289001 BELT DRI 5 SUNWIN 13*975 BELT ALTERNATOR 6 SUNWIN 2/AB-66 BELT DOUBLE 7 SUNWIN V13*950 BELT ALTERNATOR 8 SUNWIN 2/AV15*2095 BELT 9 SUNWIN SWB256150017 Filter - Air 10 SUNWIN C3401544 Filter - Oil 11 SUNWIN C3959612 Filter - Fuel Feed 12 SU...
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  • how to deal with us Dec 09, 2020
    FAQ- how to deal with us Q: What is your main products? A:We mainly sell China brand bus parts and china brand truck parts: engine parts, gearbox parts, chassis parts, body parts, electric parts etc. Q: How to place orders? A :The order is from your inquiries. 1,Confrim PI (the engine model, price, quantity, packing, delivery time, shipping way, time of payment). 2,You make payment and send us rec...
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