• Higer Inked a Deal of 1,815 Units Coaches with Qatar
    December 4,2020.

    Higer Inked a Deal of 1,815 Units Coaches with Qatar

    Higer Inked a Deal of 1,815 Units Coaches with Qatar On November 30, Suzhou-based Higer officially signed a sales agreement with Qatar through a video conference held online. According to the agreement, Higer will deliver 1,815 units coaches to the country’s bus operators, marking a major milestone as Qatar’s biggest bus import and China’s biggest bus export deal in 2020. Fahd, CEO of Qatar State Transport Co.(Mowasalat), and Huang Shuping, General Manager of Higer, on behalf of the two companies, signed the deal. Several distinguished guests, including  Khalid Al Thani, the prime minister of Qatar, witnessed the historical moment. It is reported that all Higer coaches will be put into service for Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup. In 2006, 500 units Higer buses & coaches, which completed their delivery in just three months, served many athletes in the 15th Asian Games held in Qatar. A professional after-sales team was stationed at various venues to provide timely and highly efficient after-sales services. Through the first deal, Higer successfully earned trust from bus operators in Qatar. Later, Higer buses & coaches provided transportation services for footballers at AFC Asian Cup held in the country. Currently, nearly 5,000 units Higer buses & coaches are in smooth operation in Qatar, accounting for over 90% of the country’s bus market. Among them, 2,000+ units Higer buses & coaches are serving primary and secondary students. Thanks to their consistently reliable performances and unrivaled travel comforts, Higer buses & coaches have long been enjoying a great popularity in Qatar. Bus operators in the country not only have full confidence in Higer, but have become loyal customers of the brand. Haneef, once in charge of the vehicle distribution for the 15th Asian Games in 2006, said Higer buses & coaches had very attractive looks and achieved high maneuverability. “They provide a great working and traveling environment for bus drivers and passengers. Plus, they have superb air-conditioning systems”, Haneef added. Some bus maintenance workers in Qatar also yearned for opportunities to visit Higer’s headquarter in Suzhou. Located in the desert areas in the Middle East, Qatar provides very harsh working conditions for buses. By working with Mowasalat, the only state-owned carrier in Qatar for 15 years, Higer has provided timely assistance to its customer in a number of areas and left them with unforgettable memories. Thanks to their cooperation, they have created a win-win situation for both parties, laying a solid foundation for their future cooperation.
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  • Asiastar Buses to Arrive in Congo for Operation
    November 26,2020.

    Asiastar Buses to Arrive in Congo for Operation

    Recently, a batch of Asiastar buses, YBL6120, embarked on their journey to Congo. With many customized features to suit local operation conditions, Asiastar YBL6120 bus has its engine mounted in the front and delivers an impressive 320 horsepower. With even higher maneuverability, the bus achieves greater reliability and higher passenger loading capacity, helping bus operators significantly cut their operation costs. Designed for long-distance passenger transportation, Asiastar YBL6120 bus boasts a luggage cabin of 11 cubic meters and a oil tank of 600L. After a refill, it is able to drive over 1,500 km. Generating a lower level of noise, the bus offers passengers with more comfortable seats and has water cup holders and USB portals at the back of each seat. So far, Asiastar buses have already made their way to many countries in African continent, including Congo, Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Burkina Faso. Acting as a bridge to connect China and African continent, they have been providing much more travel convenience to local residents.
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  • Foton Hit a New Record High with 320,000 Vehicles Sold in H1
    September 7,2020.

    Foton Hit a New Record High with 320,000 Vehicles Sold in H1

    In the first six months, Foton Motor posted record sales as the phase-out of heavy emission vehicles and the staged success China has achieved for combating the coronovirus epidemic. During the first half of this year, Foton vehicle sales amounted to around 320,000 units, rising 17.6 percent from the previous year, according to the latest statistics. In particular, since the outbreak of the epidemic, Foton has realized the growth against the trend in the first five months. Under such context, FOTON continue to achieve a great success in June with an estimated 66071 heavy trucks sold and 47.9 percent surging year on year. This brought Foton’s total automobile sales to 320,168 units in the frist half of this year, with an increase of 17.6 percent year-on-year. Foton’s subsidiary brands also achieved a major breakthrough in each segment. Specifically, 65,000 Foton Auman heavy-duty trucks were sold, up 42 percent year-on-year, accounting for 81.2 percent of the annual task. AUHAWK AUMARK medium truck slaes in the first half of this year were 30,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 25.9 percent and accounting for 53.8 percent of the annual task. Forland sales amounted to 140,000 units. Aullin saw an increase of 34.5 percent in medium and light-duty truck segment with a total sales of 50,000 units. All brands have posted an eye-catching results by achieving the previously set goal for H1.
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  • Sinotruk Haohan N Series Mixer Truck, a Newcomer in the Industry
    September 7,2020.

    Sinotruk Haohan N Series Mixer Truck, a Newcomer in the Industry

    As China began to carry out large-scale infrastructure project, the demands for mixer trucks tend to increase. SINOTRUK, China’s first heavy-duty truck manufacture, has great technological and market-leading advantages in the mixers segment with 20 years of experience. The new N series it introduced recently has got favored by customers for its various strengths.  The mixer has been fitted with MC07 Engine, HW series transmission with aluminum case to pair to MAN axles specially for engineering trucks. This proves adequate for a high-efficient transport. Furthermore, the use of WABCO Brake, VOSS, MANN+HUMMEL filter, MAN technology cooling system provides the best possible vehicle reliability. The vehicle weight has been cut by 0.5-0.8t through the use of aluminum alloy transmission, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy air reservoir and few leaf springs. MAN cab suspension system can effectively reduce the vibration in the cab and thus alleviate driving fatigue. With a 10-speed aluminum transmission, the mixer truck can apply to various road travelling condition. In addition to MAN axles that designed specially for engineering trucks, it can provide highly reliable and strong load capacity.
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  • 200 Units King Long Buses Equipped with Cummins Engines to Arrive in Cyprus
    July 16,2020.

    200 Units King Long Buses Equipped with Cummins Engines to Arrive in Cyprus

    Recently, 200 units King Long buses equipped with Cummins engines embarked on their journey to Cyprus, marking a new milestone in the bus maker’s overseas expansion. They include King Long U12 and B12 bus models for the high-end market. It is also revealed that this is the largest ever order ever secured by King Long from customers from Europe. Colored in blue and white, all the 200 units King Long buses are equipped with Cummins B6.7 or L9 engines, two models which are chiefly designed for the high-end market in Europe and North America. So far, the two engine models have already established a solid presence in Spain, France, Italy and other countries in Europe. They fully meet the stringent emission standards on the continent. With impressively powerful performances and superb energy efficiency, they both give King Long buses  a huge competitive edge.  In 2008, King Long officially entered Cyprus by exporting travel coaches and city buses to the country for operation. Two years later, it exported 70 units King Long city buses to the nation. For over ten years’ operation, King Long has already gained great popularity among local bus operators and has been providing greener and more comfortable travel experiences for local passengers. For years, Cummins has been working closely with King Long and other leading bus makers in China in such fields as bus manufacturing, after-sales services and domestic & overseas marketing. 
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  • 1,000 Units Golden Dragon Light Buses To Arrive in Egypt for Operation
    May 9,2020.

    1,000 Units Golden Dragon Light Buses To Arrive in Egypt for Operation

    On April 20, 1,000 units Golden Dragon light buses arrived at Xiamen Port, ready for their shipping to Egypt. It marks the first major delivery of buses to the overseas market from Xiamen.     “All the 1,000 units light buses are Golden Dragon’s classic model”, revealed An Min, General Manager of Golden Dragon Overseas Sales Company. “While ensuring the health of all employees and taking a host of measures to prevent infections, our top priority now is to make sure the timely delivery of ambulance vehicles to the overseas market to help combat COVID-19”, she added.   After the arrival of this batch of light buses, the total number of Golden Dragon buses in operation in Egypt will reach 30,000 units, accounting for 45% of the total bus fleet in the country.     Established in 1970, EI Kasrawy is the distributor of Golden Dragon in Egypt. So far, the two parties have been in cooperation for a decade.  “Golden Dragon light bus has long become the backbone in the transportation market in Egypt, providing unprecedented travel convenience for local people and enjoying a solid reputation in our country”, said Ahmed Hatem, Market Director of EI Kasrawy. “Facing many challenges at this difficult time, we stand firmly by Golden Dragon and will go through all difficulties together”, he continued. The company plans to introduce and promote Golden Dragon city buses and travel coaches in Egyptian market this year. In addition, it will work closely with Golden Dragon to establish a CKD factory in the country and further promote the sales of Golden Dragon buses in some other countries in Africa and the Middle East.       Despite the fast spread of COVID-19, Golden Dragon has overcome a host of difficulties and successfully restored its production.    Located in the northeast of the African continent, Egypt has greatly increased its trade volume with China thanks to the Belt Road Initiative launched a few years ago. Boasting some of the most popular tourist attractions, such as the pyramids, the country attracts hundreds of and thousands of tourists from all over the world each year and thus has a fast growing demand for buses and coaches.   In 2019, Golden Dragon’s sales in Egypt grew by 50% year on year. This year, the bus maker will continue to strengthen its presence with an annual growth rate target of 10%. The fast rising popularity of Golden Dragon in Egypt are primarily attributed to the bus maker’s high-quality bus products and its unparalleled after-sales services.   After several rounds of thorough investigations, Golden Dragon has deepened its understanding of local customers’ needs and passengers’ preferences. Accordingly, it has further optimized the design of its vehicles. In such areas as the stability of chassis, the power performances of engines, the number of seats on buses, and the paint of each vehicle, the bus maker has rolled out special solutions for customers in Eg...
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  • 213 Units King Long Luxury Coaches Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Operation
    April 13,2020.

    213 Units King Long Luxury Coaches Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Operation

    On April 7, 213 units King Long luxury coaches boarded a ship at Xiamen Port, marking the delivery of the first batch of King Long buses to their customer in Saudi Arabia this year.    Before rolling out the special luxury coach for Saudi Arabian market, King Long’s technical and after-sales teams had conducted thorough investigations in Saudi Arabia, familiarizing themselves with the operation environment, customers’ requirements and concerns as well as possible problems, etc. By having continuous interactions with its customers through video-conferences, King Long makes sure that it fully meets customers’ expectations and provides the highest quality luxury coaches.   Despite the negative impacts of COVID-19, King Long has quickly restored its production and is now working against the clock to deliver bus orders to its customers across the globe.   
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  • King Long Intelligent Buses & Coaches Serve Xiamen International Marathon
    January 17,2020.

    King Long Intelligent Buses & Coaches Serve Xiamen International Marathon

    On January 5, 2020 Xiamen International Marathon officially kicked off at Xiamen Exhibition Center. Over 30,000 professional and amateur runners from 41 countries and regions participated in the event. Since 2003, King Long has been serving participants and volunteers at Xiamen International Marathon. This year, King Long intelligent buses & coaches were put into service. King Long intelligent bus equipped with the latest 5G technologies, is specifically targeted at the urban public transportation sector. In fact, King Long put its intelligent buses on trial operation on the BRT routes in Xiamen in September 2018 by cooperating with Datang Telecommunications. In May, 2019, Xiamen officially launched its 5G-supported public transport services. At the end of 2019, King Long intelligent buses, supported by 5G technologies, also started working in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.
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  • Higer Sold 11,326 Units Buses & Coaches in 2019
    January 17,2020.

    Higer Sold 11,326 Units Buses & Coaches in 2019

    According to the latest statistics, Higer sold 11,326 units buses & coaches in 2019, up by 0.41% year on year. Its sales revenue went up by 18.38% year on year reaching 7.33 billion RMB. It is also revealed that the company sold 700 units Higer Scania luxury coaches, up by 40% year on year. “In 2020, we aim to further increase the sales of our luxury coaches,” said Zheng Chunhui, General Manager of Luxury Coach Branch of Higer. After cooperating with Scania for over a decade, Higer Scania luxury coaches have so far made their way to over 50 countries and regions across the globe. In 2019, Higer and Scania jointly launched a new generation of city buses to tap into the urban public transport market. In August, 248 units Scania Higer luxury city buses were officially put into operation in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, ushering a brand new era for the brand’s overseas expansion. In 2019, Higer’s overseas sales revenue reached 2.463 billion RMB, up by 24.49% year on year. The export volume in 2019 stayed almost the same as that in the previous year, showing the company has a growing presence in the high-end overseas market. Also in 2019, 174 units Higer high-end city buses were delivered to Serbia for operation. With low floor access, the new vehicle is the fifth generation of city buses specially designed for Serbian market. Also in 2019, Higer new energy buses officially entered South Korea. Each day, the vehicle runs over 20 hours. “Higer Service, Higher Service is our philosophy. In the next two to three years, we aim to build 10-15 model service stations”, said Liu Xin, vice director of Higer Overseas After-sales Service Department. In 2019, Higer’s domestic sales revenue reached 4.487 billion RMB. Higer 8.5-meter and 10.5-meter new energy city buses enjoy particularly great popularity in the market. In addition, Higer 12-meter and 13-meter travel coaches increased their market share. Higer 13-meter travel coach, for example, has 55 seats, USB portals, and advanced AC system, etc. Also in 2019, Higer won After-sales Five-Star Certificate according to China’s GB/T27922-2011 Standards.
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