• 305 Units King Long Buses Embark on Their Journey to Kuwait
    July 14,2022.

    305 Units King Long Buses Embark on Their Journey to Kuwait

    Recently, 305 units King Long buses boarded a ship at Xiamen Port and officially embarked on their journey to Kuwait. According to the bus maker, after their arrival in Kuwait, these buses are set to providing more travel conveniences for local residents and further strengthening King Long’s presence in the country. According to King Long, all the 305 units King Long buses comprise King Long’s fourth generation 12-meter city buses and its fifth generation 9.5-meter medium buses. With uniquely attractive appearances, they are to add new elements to the urban landscape in Kuwait. Having introduced more technologically advanced spare parts and more environmentally friendly materials, both bus models can readily adapt to the extremely hot weather conditions in the Middle East. Equipped with more intelligent operation system, they can be monitored and located in real-time. When emergencies occur, they will sound alarms and have thus further improved their overall safety standards. In addition, they can be more easily dispatched by bus operators. In 2015, King Long made a major breakthrough in the light bus market in Kuwait. That year, its light buses were put into operation to serve students. In 2018, King Long double-deckers made their way to Kuwait, ushering in a brand new era for the country’s public transport. Thanks to China’s Belt & Road Initiative launched a few years ago, King Long has been maintaining a fast growing momentum in its sales in the overseas market. So far, its total export volume in over 60 countries along the Belt and Road has exceeded 110,000 units, accounting for half of China’s overall bus exports in these countries. As one of the leading bus makers in China, King Long is always committed to providing greener and more convenient travel services for passengers across the globe. So far, it has made its way to nearly 150 countries and regions across the world. In addition, its sales volume has been ranking the first place among all bus makers in China for 12 consecutive years.
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  • 800 Ankai buses exported to Mexico, setting the record for the largest order for Chinese buses exported to Mexico

    800 Ankai buses exported to Mexico, setting the record for the largest order for Chinese buses exported to Mexico

    800 Ankai buses are shipped to Mexico, setting the record for the largest order for Chinese buses exported to Mexico   On March 8, 2022, 800 units 10.5-meter Ankai natural gas buses sent to Mexico will be put into operation on the bus line in Monterrey, Mexico. It is reported that this is the largest order for Chinese buses to be exported to Mexico so far.   According to reports, Ankai Bus began to export to Mexico in batches in 2017. The 800 Ankai natural gas buses exported to Mexico this time are very mature models that have been operated in the Mexican market. At the same time, they have been customized and developed according to the environment, climate, road operation and other conditions of Monterrey, and are equipped with on-board Wi-Fi, Intelligent facilities such as intelligent dispatching system.   According to reports, Ankai Bus has accelerated its "going overseas" around its internationalization strategy. Its products have been exported to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, and a global sales network has been established. 
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  • King Long Exports 70 Units School Buses to UAE

    King Long Exports 70 Units School Buses to UAE

    On December 7, 71 units King Long 7-meter school buses, particularly designed for UAE, officially embarked on their journey to the country. On the same day, Fujian-UAE Investment & Trade Fair was held in Fuzhou. Fully in compliance with GSO, King Long 7-meter school bus effectively reduces vibrations and noises while in operation. With high agility, it provides students with more travel comforts and conveniences. Since its entry into UAE in 2007, King Long has been working closely with local bus operators to build a greener and more efficient public network. As of the end of 2021, the number of King Long buses in operation in UAE has exceeded 2,500 units. So far, the bus maker has already earned a widespread recognition in the country. According to King Long, its exports to the Belt & Road countries have been growing steadily since 2000. Currently, over 110,000 units King Long buses & coaches are working smoothly in over 60 countries along the Belt & Road, including Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt, Russia, etc.
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  • Zhongtong Bus Partners with Allison Transmission to Upgrade Public Transport in Armenia

    Zhongtong Bus Partners with Allison Transmission to Upgrade Public Transport in Armenia

    BEIJING, September 2021 – Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional and electrified vehicle propulsion solutions and the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles and leading Chinese bus manufacturer Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd. joined together and delivered 211 compressed natural gas (CNG) city buses equipped with Allison T270R transmissions to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.  As the capital of Armenia, Yerevan has posed challenges to city bus makers with its hot summers, cold winters and narrow downtown roadways. Due to their environmental friendliness and lower noise compared to buses with diesel engines, natural gas buses fit best in the intensely populated metropolis. Catering for inner city traffic, this 8-meter-long low-entry bus model is the product of Zhongtong’s sophisticated bus making platform and meets the operational needs of Yerevan’s public transport.    The bus model has 25 seats and is rated for 60 passengers.  Powered by a 200hp Weichai CNG engine and an Allison T270R fully automatic transmission with gross input torque 900Nm, the bus complies with Euro V pollutant emission standards.  The transmission also features 6 forward speeds, 1 reverse and an integral retarder which extends the life of the brakes and lowers maintenance costs.     "Allison's fully automatic transmission has Allison’s patented Continuous Power Technology™, which delivers smoother, seamless shifts providing superior passenger comfort, " said Zhang Zhengwei, Director of Zhongtong Bus North China. "It’s torque converter technology multiplies engine torque to significantly improve startability and launch, resulting in higher operational productivity which maximizes the benefits of a natural gas engine."   Allison Automatics are perfectly suited to natural gas engines on city buses. While a manual or automated manual transmission (AMT) loses power with every shift, an Allison fully automatic transmission increases power and accelerated speed, achieving better fuel economy and less pollutant emission.  “Allison’s products offer high reliability, stability, greater fuel economy and easier control of the bus that greatly reduce driver’s stress. Allison Automatics are ideal for city buses in heavy traffic conditions."  Continued Zhang.    Allison fully automatic transmissions take away driver distraction and remove cumbersome shifting so the driver can focus on handling and manoeuvering the bus, especially critical in heavy traffic situations and narrow roadways. Allison Automatics also help fleets expand their potential driver pool. While today's drivers are less familiar with driving manual transmissions, fully automatics are easy to drive. Even the most experienced drivers benefit from more precise, safe handling and improved comfort.   Like all Allison fully automatic transmissio...
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  • Weichai Ranks the 77th Place among China’s Top 500 Enterprises

    Weichai Ranks the 77th Place among China’s Top 500 Enterprises

    On September 25, the list of China’s Top 500 Enterprises was officially released in Changchun, Jilin. Weichai continued to move upward. With a business revenue of 304,883 billion RMB, the company reached the 77th place this year from the 83rd place last year. Among China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, Weichai reached the 23rd place. Among China’s Top 100 Multi-nationals, the company reached the 17th place. In 2020, Weichai jumped ten places ahead, reaching the 83rd place among China’s Top 500 Enterprises.
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  • 25th Founding Anniversary:Foton Monthly Export Volume to Reach 6,600 Units in August

    25th Founding Anniversary:Foton Monthly Export Volume to Reach 6,600 Units in August

    On August 27, a batch of 1,780 units Foton vehicles (mini-trucks, light trucks and medium trucks, etc.) were shipped to their customers in Chile, Columbia and other countries in Latin America. According to Foton, its monthly export volume is expected to reach a new record high, standing at 6,600 units, up by 181% year on year. From January to August, Foton’s export volume is expected to exceed 42,000 units, up by 80% year on year. Apart from focusing on its truck business and strengthening its marketing efforts in Southeast Asia, Foton has also been working hard to promote its new energy vehicles. In Philippines, Foton has been ranking the first place in the truck market for two consecutive years. In Chile, Egypt, Pakistan, etc., Foton has also been playing a vital role in the new energy vehicle market. August 28 this year marks Foton’s 25th founding anniversary. In just 25 years, Foton’s total sales volume has reached 10 million units, marking a new milestone for the company’s history.
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  • 166 Units Cummins Engines Powered King Long Buses to Mexico for Operation
    April 26,2021.

    166 Units Cummins Engines Powered King Long Buses to Mexico for Operation

    Recently, 166 units King Long buses powered by Cummins engines boarded a cargo ship at Xiamen Port, embarking on their journey to Mexico. After their arrival, they will be immediately put into operation in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. According to Cummins, of the 166 units King Long buses, 61 units 9-meter buses and 75 units 10.5-meter buses are mounted with Cummins B6.7G engines while the rest 30 units 12-meter buses are equipped with Cummins L8.9G engines. With a power ranging from 190 horsepower to 320 horsepower, B6.7G and L8.9G engines are readily adaptable to buses and coaches measuring eight meters and above in length. Even at a low speed, both achieve impressive torques. So far, they have well stood a number of stringent endurance and performance tests. Considering the local working conditions, Cummins has taken a host of measures to roll out more tailor-made engine products for the bus operator in the city, fully ensuring their smooth operation in demanding environments. After all buses are put into operation, the customer enjoys a whole package of timely services thanks to Cummins’ well-established global service networks. Thanks to the high energy efficiency and impressive power performances of its engine products and its timely after-sales services, Cummins has been working closely with King Long in marketing their products in Latin America in recent years. Despite Covid-19, Cummins has held several video conferences with the bus operator in Guadalajara and offered training sessions to bus drivers and maintenance workers. In addition, its engineers have been working closely with King Long employees in developing sample vehicles and testing their performances. With an altitude of 1,550 meters above the sea level, Guadalajara is an important financial and tech center in Latin America. In recent years, the city government has been attaching paramount importance to sustainable development and environmental protection. Currently, it is working hard to build a greener and more efficient public transport network. In 2019, Cummins delivered 170 units natural gas engines to King Long, all of which were mounted on city buses and exported to Mexico. In nearly two years, these buses have been working smoothly, fully demonstrating their high reliability and paving the way for the continued cooperation between Mexico bus operators, Cummins and King Long. As the leading player in the global natural gas power engine market, Cummins launched the research & development of natural gas engines in 1960s. In 1980s, its first generation natural gas engines achieved a huge success. Currently, Cummins boasts six R&D Centers across the globe, making concerted efforts in developing more energy-efficient and more reliable natural gas engines for its global customers. Having over 600 distributors and over 8,000 dealers, Cummins provides its high quality and highly environmentally friendly products and timely services to customers i...
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  • Higer Inked a Deal of 1,815 Units Coaches with Qatar
    December 4,2020.

    Higer Inked a Deal of 1,815 Units Coaches with Qatar

    Higer Inked a Deal of 1,815 Units Coaches with Qatar On November 30, Suzhou-based Higer officially signed a sales agreement with Qatar through a video conference held online. According to the agreement, Higer will deliver 1,815 units coaches to the country’s bus operators, marking a major milestone as Qatar’s biggest bus import and China’s biggest bus export deal in 2020. Fahd, CEO of Qatar State Transport Co.(Mowasalat), and Huang Shuping, General Manager of Higer, on behalf of the two companies, signed the deal. Several distinguished guests, including  Khalid Al Thani, the prime minister of Qatar, witnessed the historical moment. It is reported that all Higer coaches will be put into service for Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup. In 2006, 500 units Higer buses & coaches, which completed their delivery in just three months, served many athletes in the 15th Asian Games held in Qatar. A professional after-sales team was stationed at various venues to provide timely and highly efficient after-sales services. Through the first deal, Higer successfully earned trust from bus operators in Qatar. Later, Higer buses & coaches provided transportation services for footballers at AFC Asian Cup held in the country. Currently, nearly 5,000 units Higer buses & coaches are in smooth operation in Qatar, accounting for over 90% of the country’s bus market. Among them, 2,000+ units Higer buses & coaches are serving primary and secondary students. Thanks to their consistently reliable performances and unrivaled travel comforts, Higer buses & coaches have long been enjoying a great popularity in Qatar. Bus operators in the country not only have full confidence in Higer, but have become loyal customers of the brand. Haneef, once in charge of the vehicle distribution for the 15th Asian Games in 2006, said Higer buses & coaches had very attractive looks and achieved high maneuverability. “They provide a great working and traveling environment for bus drivers and passengers. Plus, they have superb air-conditioning systems”, Haneef added. Some bus maintenance workers in Qatar also yearned for opportunities to visit Higer’s headquarter in Suzhou. Located in the desert areas in the Middle East, Qatar provides very harsh working conditions for buses. By working with Mowasalat, the only state-owned carrier in Qatar for 15 years, Higer has provided timely assistance to its customer in a number of areas and left them with unforgettable memories. Thanks to their cooperation, they have created a win-win situation for both parties, laying a solid foundation for their future cooperation.
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  • Asiastar Buses to Arrive in Congo for Operation
    November 26,2020.

    Asiastar Buses to Arrive in Congo for Operation

    Recently, a batch of Asiastar buses, YBL6120, embarked on their journey to Congo. With many customized features to suit local operation conditions, Asiastar YBL6120 bus has its engine mounted in the front and delivers an impressive 320 horsepower. With even higher maneuverability, the bus achieves greater reliability and higher passenger loading capacity, helping bus operators significantly cut their operation costs. Designed for long-distance passenger transportation, Asiastar YBL6120 bus boasts a luggage cabin of 11 cubic meters and a oil tank of 600L. After a refill, it is able to drive over 1,500 km. Generating a lower level of noise, the bus offers passengers with more comfortable seats and has water cup holders and USB portals at the back of each seat. So far, Asiastar buses have already made their way to many countries in African continent, including Congo, Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Burkina Faso. Acting as a bridge to connect China and African continent, they have been providing much more travel convenience to local residents.
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