305 Units King Long Buses Embark on Their Journey to Kuwait


Recently, 305 units King Long buses boarded a ship at Xiamen Port and officially embarked on their journey to Kuwait. According to the bus maker, after their arrival in Kuwait, these buses are set to providing more travel conveniences for local residents and further strengthening King Long’s presence in the country.

According to King Long, all the 305 units King Long buses comprise King Long’s fourth generation 12-meter city buses and its fifth generation 9.5-meter medium buses. With uniquely attractive appearances, they are to add new elements to the urban landscape in Kuwait. Having introduced more technologically advanced spare parts and more environmentally friendly materials, both bus models can readily adapt to the extremely hot weather conditions in the Middle East. Equipped with more intelligent operation system, they can be monitored and located in real-time. When emergencies occur, they will sound alarms and have thus further improved their overall safety standards. In addition, they can be more easily dispatched by bus operators.

In 2015, King Long made a major breakthrough in the light bus market in Kuwait. That year, its light buses were put into operation to serve students. In 2018, King Long double-deckers made their way to Kuwait, ushering in a brand new era for the country’s public transport.

Thanks to China’s Belt & Road Initiative launched a few years ago, King Long has been maintaining a fast growing momentum in its sales in the overseas market. So far, its total export volume in over 60 countries along the Belt and Road has exceeded 110,000 units, accounting for half of China’s overall bus exports in these countries.

As one of the leading bus makers in China, King Long is always committed to providing greener and more convenient travel services for passengers across the globe. So far, it has made its way to nearly 150 countries and regions across the world. In addition, its sales volume has been ranking the first place among all bus makers in China for 12 consecutive years.

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